Bob Edgar, who grew up on the Westside in the '30s and '40s, added his recollections to recent articles in the Westside Pioneer that touched on local history.
       Regarding Sno-White Linen & Uniform Rental, which first appeared in the 2500 block of Colorado Avenue around 1950, Edgar said that Sno-White bought out a business named Sanitary Laundry.
       Just west of the laundry had been an auto garage (closed by that time), and Sanitary used the space for trucks at night as well as “for kids delivering the Gazette [then an afternoon paper],” Edgar said. “They had a little bench in there.”
       On the other side of the laundry was Dennen's Café, named for Charles Dennen, who also had a grocery at 30th and Colorado.
       Responding to a March 20 Mel McFarland column, Edgar also recalled a very early Westside Safeway. Up until about 1940, there had been a Piggly-Wiggly store at the southwest corner of 25th and Colorado (where the Old Town Plaza parking lot is now). A Ben Hamilton meat market had been next door, with a pass-through between the two stores. Safeway took over from both businesses.

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