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       Hello, everybody. We've got a great article for you, the best you've ever read! So, go to our website at westsidepioneer.com.
       Just kidding
       At least WE are. In reality, the Westside Pioneer may soon be a minority in putting out a newspaper that's 100 percent… paper.
       Other publications around these parts seem to think shipping readers out to their websites is the slickest thing since Colorado Springs side streets after a storm. They like to tell you how convenient an online paper is - of course, that depends on the speed of your Internet connection and how good your eyes are (squinting at the teeny-tiny typeface). They also like to whine about how nobody reads newspapers anymore because they love their computers so much. Like that's a reason. Pikes Peak region news wouldn't be on the Internet if the local publications doing the complaining didn't simultaneously post their own stuff out there!
       Recently, a new go-to-our-website excuse emerged. Blaming increased rates from the U.S. Postal Service, the weekly Cheyenne and Woodmen Editions stopped mailing papers to their paid subscribers.
       Truth is, all newspapers doing the Internet shuffle are really just thinking dollar signs. What costs more - paying to print umpty-ump papers that need delivering, or buying an Internet domain name? Interestingly, neither the Gazette nor the Editions, in changing their policies, offered their subscribers discounts or refunds. Clearly, the long tradition of a newspaper that people can hold in their hands, reading what they like, then turning the page (instead of clicking then waiting), or saving articles, clipping coupons and picking up extra copies when a family member's picture gets in (instead of printing some website page), means nothing to them.
       In honor of Colorado City's 150th anniversary, the Old Colorado City Historical Society is asking for comments in a time capsule to be opened in another 150 years. Ours was: "Print newspapers will never die!" May it be so.

- K.J.