Medical campus planned on Fillmore hill

       A 70-acre medical campus is being proposed at the top of the Fillmore hill. It would include a roughly quarter-mile extension of Centennial Boulevard south from Fillmore Street.
       Tentatively called “Centennial,” the campus would be across the street from the new King Soopers shopping center, which is under construction at the northwest corner of the Centennial/Fillmore intersection..
        The project was submitted in late March to the Colorado Springs Planning Department by the development company representing property owner Lyda Hill, who also owns the King Soopers parcel.
        According to plans by the NES consulting firm, the project would have eight buildings, ranging in size from three to four stories, along with parking and open space on either side of four-lane Centennial Boulevard. The largest building, at the southeast corner of Centennial and Fillmore, is shown as “office/medical.” Two buildings east of Centennial are also marked as “office,” while two on the west side are penciled in as “commercial” and one as “commercial/office.” The other two building sites have no designation.
       No other major medical complexes are near the location.
       The 22 acres of open space would be on the south and east sides of the property.
        Don Hare, Hill's development representative, said that the project needs approvals from the city for a zoning change from residential to planned unit development and an amendment to the 1,293-acre Hill master plan that also takes in land she owns west to 30th Street and north almost to Garden of the Gods Road.
       James Mayerl, the city's chief Westside planner, said the plan is under review and probably won't make a City Planning Commission agenda until June. During that time, he said city staff will work with the developer and meet with neighbors on issues.
       Hare said his group has already met with the Mesa Springs Neighborhood Association. A key issue for Mesa Springs is the Centennial extension. Its leaders have accepted the concept of a four-lane extension eventually linking Fillmore to Fontanero Street at I-25; however, they have opposed any partial extension that connect to minor residential streets in Mesa Springs.
       The Centennial development plans show the extension dead-ending at the south line of the proposed property area.
       Three other entities own the land between Fillmore and Fontanero, and, according to Mayerl, two have no announced plans to build - thus, it is unknown how many years will pass before the roughly two-mile extension can be put all the way through.
       One issue Mayerl sees up front with the medical-campus development is the amount of grading needed to level the sloping terrain at the site. “There will be a massive amount of earthwork,” Mayerl said. “I don't want to downplay it at all.”
       Hare pledged that the project will be done well. “We don't want it to look like Academy Boulevard,” he said. “In many cases, we are more restrictive and stringent than they (city planners) are.”

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