Clark, Gloriod emphasize strong points at forum

       Sallie Clark emphasized her ability at prying results from government and Jack Gloriod his background as a soldier and self-made man during a candidate forum April 1 in the former Colorado Springs City Council chambers.
        The two Republicans are the only announced District 3 county commissioner candidates. District 3 includes the Westside.
       Clark, a Westside resident and bed-and-breakfast owner, has been a Westside neighborhood leader for several years and has served a term on Colorado Springs City Council. Gloriod, a Cheyenne resident and real-estate business owner, has no civic elected experience, but has been active with neighborhood boards and as a member of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce's Transportation Committee.
       The two are pointing toward the April 13 party precinct caucuses and the May 1 Republican County Assembly to ensure places on the ballot for the August primary election.
       Both describe themselves conservatives, with a possible philosophical difference being that Clark has a record of using government to develop solutions while Gloriod's campaign literature states a belief that “Government should be limited.”
       At the forum, Gloriod described himself as “not political… just a concerned citizen” who knows “how to make government respond.” A large part of his comments touched on his military history, including a Purple Heart in Vietnam and continuing support of the military.
       In his personal life, he said he was on his own at age 17. “I know how to take nothing and get something,” he said.
       Clark responded that, as a “Navy wife,” she also understands the value of the military. But she focused more on what she calls a “Don't take no for an answer” political style. As an example, she related the time she tried to obtain a copy of the county budget and was told by a county employee it would cost her $750 in copying charges. Not liking this news, she worked on the issue, she said, and now “The budget is online, for free.”
       Clark has been endorsed by the following groups: the Colorado Springs Employees Association and the Pikes Peak Chapter of Colorado Restaurant Association.
       Gloriod has been endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce, the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors and the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs.

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