Caucuses April 13 give public chance to experience grassroots politics

       Precinct caucuses for Democrats and Republicans are scheduled throughout Colorado Springs - including the Westside - at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 13.
       The purpose is to select a party's precint delegates for its county assembly, as well as to elect a precinct party leader, called a committeeperson.
       At the county assembly, delegates will vote to determine which candidates will make the ballot for the August primary election.
       In local races regarding Westside political representation, the only office for which a party has more than one candidate is District 3 county commissioner. The Republican candidates are Sallie Clark and Jack Gloriod. There is no announced Democrat candidate.
       For district attorney, a position that serves the whole county, the only two candidates are also Republicans - Dan May and John Newsome.
       Depending on what parts of the Westside people live in, other offices that could be addressed at the caucuses are:
        · Colorado Senate District 12 - Andy McElhany (R, incumbent) of the Cheyenne area; no announced Democrat candidate.
       · District 18 Colorado House of Representatives - Michael Merrifield.(D, incumbent) of Manitou Springs; Kent Lambert (R) of Manitou Springs.
       · District 21 Colorado House of Representatives - Keith King (R, incumbent) of the Cheyenne area; Robert Chaffee (D) of Penrose.
       A list of Westside caucus locations for both parties appears at the bottom of this page. Most locations are at polling places, although a few are in people's homes.
       The Democrats' county assembly will be April 24 at Palmer High School. The Republicans' county assembly will be May 1 at the World Arena.
       Any person may attend a party's caucus, but only those registered with the party for two months can vote. A typical precinct has four to six delegates.
       Delegates can expect to be contacted by candidates who have competition for their party's nomination. “If you're a delegate, candidates will be sleeping at your doorstep,” commented Larry Liston, a 15-year committeeperson in House District 16, at the candidates forum April 1.

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