Old Town part of LED streetlight experiment

       Not all the city streetlight news is dim.
       The city has received a grant for a “pilot program” to replace 400 streetlights with LEDs, according to Traffic Engineering Director Dave Krauth.
       Some of these were recently installed in Old Colorado City, at the tops of traffic signal poles along the avenue between 23rd and 27th streets, he revealed in a recent e-mail exchange with the Westside Pioneer.
       Krauth had outlined the LED plan in an early-February letter to the Gazette (and circumstances have “not really” changed since then, he confirmed last week to the Pioneer).
       “If it goes well, we anticipate moving on to the creation of streetlight codes and standards for new development and infrastructure projects that include LED and high-efficiency streetlights (and the option for less street lighting in general, where appropriate),” Krauth's letter states. “Most LED streetlights are expected to use approximately half the energy of traditional streetlights and have further cost-reduction benefits due to longer life and reduced staff time spent changing bulbs. If applied to the entire streetlight system, we estimate that those combined benefits could save the city about $1.5 million per year.”
       However, the up-front cost to retrofit the entire city would be about $9.4 million, “and that sort of money is not easily found within municipal services these days,” Krauth's letter concludes.

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