Hente re-elected to council
D-1 voter turnout exceeds citywide average

       Scott Hente defeated Al Brody to retain his District 1 seat on City Council in the April 5 election.
       The tally was 5,673 to 4,148, making the victory margin 58 to 42 percent. Hente joined three other council incumbents, including District 3's Jerry Heimlicher (running unopposed) in being re-elected.
       Brody, a citizen activist and volunteer, was making his first run for city office. Hente said afterward he considered it a “close” race, and credited his opponent for running a clean campaign.
       District 1 covers the city's northwest quadrant, including Pleasant Valley and Westside areas north of Uintah Street. District 3 covers the southwest quadrant, including the Westside south of District 1.
       The percentage of voters in the Hente-Brody race was higher than the city's as a whole. According to the City Clerk's Office, the total number of registered voters in District 1 before the election was 59,904. This puts the number of people voting in the council race at 16.3 percent - compared with the 14.9 percent citywide election turnout.
       Asked why he thought the district majority voted for him, the home-builder retired Air Force officer said he believed people were swayed, at least in part, by his council voting record, support of neighborhood issues and general recognition that “this council works well together.”
       He had named one neighborhood issue, Pleasant Valley's discontent with its Camp Creek ditch down 31st Street, as his number one campaign issue. What he's proposing is to have the ditch covered with an attractive median, he said, noting that such a solution has been successful elsewhere in town. However, he added, “Me saying this and making it happen are two different things. We'd need money and neighborhood involvement.”
       Regarding the ballot issues, voters agreed with Hente on three of his recommendations - by voting for 2A (filling up Prospect Lake), for 2B (charter change stating certain council powers, duties and responsibilities) for 2C (including Memorial Hospital in City Council's financial mix) and against 2E (pay for City Council).
       Voters disagreed with Hente by voting for Issue 200 (to require a vote on a publicly funded convention center) and against 2D (to eliminate the 30-word limit on tax ballot-issue titles).

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