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Gold Hill Mesa expanding to northeast corner of Lower Gold Camp & 21st

       Gold Hill Mesa is growing again.
       Construction recently started on homes in the 41-unit Filing 4; also, the development's ownership group has submitted plans to the city for the 46-unit Filing 5.
       The filings are side by side, separated by Ironclad Lane, off 21st Street and Lower Gold Camp Road. Filing 4 has 27 single-family homes and 14 multi-family (attached homes). Filing 5 is proposed for 8 single-family and 38 multi-family.
       Those 38 will be grouped at the intersection itself (the northeast corner of Lower Gold Camp and 21st). The owners had previously been undecided on the best use for that roughly two-acre
This is the view toward the Garden of the Gods that the Gold Hill Mesa Filing 5 homes will have along the down-sloping lots on the north side of Eclipse Drive. The homes in the foreground are also part of Gold Hill Mesa, having been built in the past year or so as part of previous filings.
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site, which is catty-corner from Bear Creek Regional Park. At times in the past a commercial use had been considered - even a Walgreens - but Bob Willard, one of the owners, said the group finally agreed that housing would be the best idea. The Filing 5 plan is to build “higher quality” townhomes that could feature an “unobstructed view” of the mountains, he said.
       Gold Hill Mesa is a 210-acre residential/commercial development south of Highway 24, east of 21st and north of Lower Gold Camp, much of which was once used for a gold mill. Homes started being built about nine years ago. The style is “traditional neighborhood,” reflecting Willard's vision of an area resembling the original Colorado City of the late 1800s and early 1900s.
       The Filing 5 submittal has not triggered any public controversy. Like Filing 4, the proposal can be approved by planning staff. After a few months of review, the main problem for Filing 5 has come down to where the eight single-family homes should be placed on their respective lots. They afford great views of the Garden of the Gods but also slope downhill. Ryan Tefertiller of City Land Use Review, the planner assigned to the project, said he is confident that the problem can be worked out. In fact,
A view looks southwest toward the northeast corner of 21st Street (right) and Lower Gold Camp Road, where a stoplight controls traffic. A grouping of multi-family homes is proposed for construction on the open area shown in the foreground. The undeveloped land on the other side of the intersection is mostly Bear Creek Park.
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Barry Brinton, the land manager for Gold Hill Mesa, said the developers are already starting prep work for utilities in Filing 5, at their own risk, in the reasonable expectation that a city go-ahead will be forthcoming.
       The eight lots' terrain-related concerns are actually man-caused, resulting from earthwork that has proven mostly beneficial to the project. The developers have done extensive dirt-hauling and grading over the years north of Lower Gold Camp, building up the amount of acreage there that's suitable for development. Another upside: The final dirt mix is considered “benign” (not enough mill tailings to matter, health-wise), so developers don't have to add several feet of “good dirt” in Filings 4 and 5 to buffer living space, as required by government regulations in other filings, explained Brinton.
       A traffic feature of Filing 5 will be a new connection to 21st Street, via Eclipse Drive. Eclipse, a neighborhood street in Gold Hill Mesa, is under construction this spring. Providing access for most of the new homes in Filings 4 and 5, Eclipse's west end will line up at 21st Street opposite Skyview Lane. Skyview currently makes a T-intersection at 21st next to Bloom's Mill Hill Saloon.
       Other than a few units along Ironclad, Eclipse will also provide access to all the homes in Filing 5 - the 8 single-family on the street's north side and the 38 multi-family between Eclipse and Lower Gold Camp.
       The new 21st/Skyview/Eclipse intersection is not expected to need a stoplight. It will allow left turns in all directions, according to City Transportation Manager Kathleen Krager.
       Filings 4 and 5 complete the platting of Gold Hill Mesa's southwest area, which has been categorized as its Phase 1. The next phase is likely to be on the property's east side, Willard said.
       Over the years at Gold Hill Mesa, there have been closings on more than 250 housing units, developer information shows. A mix of single- and multi-family homes is nothing new. The overall numbers, as of early April, are 146 single-family homes and 113 multi-family, Brinton said.

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(Posted 4/6/15; Land: Construction)

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