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City election: Both charter questions pass, slightly reducing 'strong mayor' powers

       Two charter questions also passed in the April 7 city election, although it was a close call for Issue 2, which won by just under 400 votes.
       Both had been placed on the ballot by City Council, with the stated intent of clarifying/expanding the powers of council under the “strong mayor” system that took effect in 2011.
       - Issue 1, which by contrast had a nearly 5,000 vote cushion, gives council the power to approve/execute Colorado Springs Utilities contracts. Council already has charter-given control over Utilities. This eliminates the mayor from that scenario.
       - Issue 2 gives council the power to hire or fire its administrator. The position already exists. The change was in response to an occurrence under current Mayor Steve Bach, when he fired an administrator that councilmembers had chosen. The mayor otherwise serves as CEO for all city departments.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 4/8/15; Politics: City/County)

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