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Changed date, location for CSPD's
citizen-training class in April

       A Colorado Springs Police Department citizen-training class on the Incident Command, originally announced for the Gold Hill Station April 15, has been rescheduled with a new location.
       It will instead be at the city's Emergency Operation Center, 370 Printers Parkway Thursday, April 16.
       The time will be the same: 6 p.m.
       The public is welcome. There is no charge to attend.
       Police Officer David Husted of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will be leading the class. He explained that the Incident Command is a national system under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which coordinates with OEM, as needed. “The system would activate in a disaster that overwhelms a jurisdiction,” he said.
       For more information, contact Gold Hill Crime Prevention Officer Sid Santos at 385-2117 or santosis@ci.colospgs.co.us.
       Here is the list of other monthly classes and dates that have been scheduled so far this year at Gold Hill (presenter/additional info in parentheses):
       - May 18 - Internet Safety for Parents and Teens (Officer Richard Hunt).
       - June 17 - Community Advancing Public Safety (Jean Kraus/learn about what CAPS does for police and fire and what volunteer opportunities are available).

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 4/9/15; Community: Public Safety)

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