What do you do?
Vickie Siggers

Where do you work and what is your title?
       Iím a co-owner of Fish & Feather Ponds.
What do you do there and/or what are you responsible for?
       I run a retail store that sells products for wild birds and supplies, plants and fish for ponds.
How long have you been doing this kind of work (total)? How long on the Westside?
       Iíve been involved in the retail portion for five years. In the fish industry I have around 20 years experience with fresh water and salt water. My passion lies with the goldfish and koi. Weíve been on the Westside since early February.
What do you like best about it (other than quitting time)?
       Since I consider myself a water baby, I enjoy doing anything that deals with water life. The birds and wildlife come hand-in-hand with outdoor water, so, there again I live a soothing life.
If you could change one thing (other than pay), what would it be?
       I donít believe there is anything I would change, since I am doing what I enjoy. Where else could I be around fish, plants and wildlife all day and, to top it off, the most wonderful customers?
What part of your work did your training/education never prepare you for?
       I didnít expect that what started out as a hobby 20-plus years ago would turn into an enjoyable business opportunity. My college education is in an unrelated field (sports medicine.)
What makes working on the Westside special?
       The Westside community still has the small-town feeling to it. Such as friendly people and no one rushing off in a frantic hurry. You get to know neighbors fairly quick and passersby stop by just to say hi. Itís great!

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