ODES TO THE CODES: Introducing new column

By Mary Jane Lujan

       I'm Mary Jane Lujan, City of Colorado Springs Code Enforcement officer for the Westside. I have been with Code Enforcement for five years. I work Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. I will be writing a few articles about Code Enforcement's responsibilities and what we ask of the citizens.
       My first subject is the noxious weed, myrtle spurge. It was once sold as a nursery plant to serve as a deer deterrent ground cover. The El Paso County CSU Exten- sion Service has now deemed it an “invasive plant” and a danger to our waterways. It is a succulent plant that emits a white milky substance which irritates the skin and eyes and is poisonous to small animals. Plants must be pulled and an herbicide used at the seeding stage to control future plants. Myrtle spurge in bloom. 
Courtesy of Mary Jo Lujan
       Any questions about Code Enforcement on the Westside? Call me at 444-7873.