500-plus look for work at Teen Job Fair at West

       Some of the employers backed out, but plenty of young job-seekers showed up for the fourth annual Teen Job Fair at the West Center March 31.
       Mary Krisko, lead coordinator for the event-sponsoring Teen Self Sufficiency Program, estimated that more than 500 young people over age 14 attended the event.
       Close to 20 private- or public-sector employers set up booths in the West Middle School gymnasium, allowing prospective workers to talk to representatives, pick up information, set up interviews or fill out applications. In addition, there was a short fashion show, in which - prompting applause and some laughter - four models each showed the right and wrong way to dress for an interview.
       “It's going great,” commented Sgt. J.J. Just of the National Guard, during the fair. “We also do high school job fairs, but this is better, because people are actually looking for employment. At the high schools, I think a lot of them are just looking to get out of class.”
       Steve Tooke of the Westside-based Goodwill Industries (which helped Teen Self Sufficiency organize the event), also was impressed with the turnout. “We're getting quite a bit of interest,” he said.
       The one downside was that only about half of the 40-plus employers that had been anticipated came to the fair. Krisko said she will follow up with the no-shows on what happened, but “for the most part, the kids seemed happy. We're very excited about the turnout, and we're telling anyone who couldn't find an employer to call us and we'll connect them with the resources we have.”
       Krisko can be reached at 444-5211.

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