CYCA middle school awards April 9

       The Superintendent's Reception for Colorado Youth Citizenship Awards (CYCA) will honor selected students from District 11 middle schools Monday, April 9 at West Middle School's auditorium.
       The free public program, will start at 4:30 p.m.
       Based on three essays, a list of accomplishments and three references provided by each student who entered the competition, each school could select up to five nominees. Three sets of volunteer CYCA judges determine the top two students from each school, who are termed "district winners," while the other three from each school are "school winners."
       District winners each receive a $100 savings bond, while a $50 bond goes to each school winner.
       "The goal is to recognize outstanding middle school kids and reward them for a job well done," explained Chrys Fotenos, CYCA committee chair.

From a press release