Peace message belonged in parade
       Why did a group of people with the non-confrontational message of peace deserve to be rudely and roughly kicked out of a local parade? We were gathering with the same green shirts, some peace flags and a few banners for an hour before the parade began where parade organizers had time to advise us if we were not welcome. Also, we trusted that [Bookman bookstore owner] Eric [Verlo]'s earlier direction not to include anything offensive would be adhered to. Most of us thought a peace message would fit well in a family parade geared to 'child-like mentality' and the message did receive support from onlookers. There was no intention to be disorderly or children would not have been involved again as they were last year. However many of us were puzzled about the police disruption without prior notice and wondered why they threw Eric in the street instead of walking him to the side street - out of the way of the rest of the parade.

Kathy Verlo