Estimated 300 join merchants’ Egg Hunt in Bancroft

       As eager as they were, and even though they could see all those eggs laid out on the Bancroft Park grass, the kids were all good and waited. The Easter Bunny leads a parade around Bancroft Park
Westside Pioneer photo
       The only nemesis at the 10th annual Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) merchants group Easter Egg Hunt March 31 was a greedy squirrel.
       According to Nancy Stovall, who organized the event for the OCCA, the pesky little critter managed to extract the candy inside about a dozen of the oval-shaped, hollow, plastic containers before being chased off.
       Fortunately, about 2,500 eggs still remained for the roughly 300 youngsters who joined in the brief, frantic, three-area, age-defined quest.
       Unable to exactly count the participants, Stovall said she guesstimated 300 kids based on the number of ice cream cones that the Colorado City Creamery gave away before and after the hunt. “Not every kid took one, while some parents did,” she said. Overall, the attendance “seems to be growing every year.”
       In addition to a third hunt area (for ages 1-2), this year's event also had a carousel, a full-sized Easter bunny, live music (Jan Dixon, aka Skyy-High Music) on the park stage and four bunnies children could pet.
       The toddler area (new this year) “went real well,” Stovall said. “It's always a challenge not to have them run over. I think they appreciated having their own space.”
       The other age ranges were 3-4 and 5-8.
       The event was free except for a dollar to ride the carousel.
       Some of the eggs that merchants and volunteers had spread out the grass held candy, while others contained slips of paper identifying prizes from Old Colorado City merchants. As far as anyone noted, the naughty squirrel did not return and claim any prizes.

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