EDITORíS DESK: Got an issue? Call your councilman

       The phone rang this week. It was Councilman Jerry Heimlicher. He was angry. He also had a plan. Let's deal with the angry part first. He had just found out from a constituent that city staff had decided, without talking to the neighborhood, to close the access between 18th and St. Vrain streets. Never mind that the access has evidently existed since Anthony Bott was a pup. Never mind that maybe the access (though narrow and awkward) has been convenient to the folks who live there. Never mind that the city had essentially blessed the access in the past - by benignly turning it from a dirt road to pavement without changing a thing. So why the barricade now? One phone call from one resident. That's it. The person reportedly was worried about safety, and our well-trained traffic engineers correctly saw that the access did not meet modern standards, so that was that. End of story. Deal with it, neighorhood. Except that another resident phoned up Heimlicher, who is the district council member for the older Westside. He already half-believes city staff looks on Westsiders as second-class citizens, and he didn't like being proved right. By the time he was done hammering at the issue, Traffic Engineering had issued an apology to the neighborhood and promised to set up a neighborhood meeting, and the City Manager's Office was getting involved too.
       Now here's Heimlicher's plan. He wants to know when anybody feels they've gotten the short straw from the city, so that he can act on it. He asked me to put that request in our newspaper, and so here it is. He also plans to write a column for the Pioneer about the St. Vrain incident. His cell phone is 649-3226. He wants to represent us Westsiders. Let's help him do it.

- K.J.