Greccio selling ‘opoly’ spaces

       Do not pass G(recci)O. Do not fail to pay $200(0).
       This isn't how the card reads in the original Monopoly game, nor even in the new, localized version created by Greccio Housing, a Westside-based nonprofit that provides affordable housing to low-income residents.
       But such direction would be close to the goals of Greccio officials, who are eager to start selling their 'opoly' style game - titled “I Luv Colorado Springs” - as a fundraising effort. They just need buyers for 10 more board spaces, development director Jill Gaebler recently explained. There are 40 in all.
       As in Monopoly, the spaces are available for different amounts, ranging from $2,000 for less fancy “neighborhoods” to $2,500 for those in the “Boardwalk” range. Entities that buy spaces will have their logos printed in them - to be seen when people buy the game and play it, Gaebler explained.
       Greccio's previously announced release date for the first run of 2,000 games was mid-March, but property-space sales have been hampered by a slow economy, Gaebler said. Now, “we hope we will have the game done by the beginning of July.”
       If that happens, it would be good timing because sales opportunities are anticipated in conjunction with the nationally publicized Senior (golf) Open at the Broadmoor course starting July 31, she said.
       The cost of the game will be $34.99. Local touches will include an original illustration of regional sights (painted on the center of the board) and unique playing pieces (consisting of city founder William Palmer on a horse, a soldier, a mountain bike, the Air Force Chapel and a pine tree).
       For more information, go to Greccio at 1808 W. Colorado Ave. or call Gaebler at 475-1422 x20.

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