EDITORíS DESK: Heimlicher is worthy of re-election

       We don't often endorse political candidates, but I think Westsiders in City Council District 3 could do worse than vote for Jerry Heimlicher. He has repeatedly proven in his six years in office that he is willing to spend the time necessary to examine the various kinds of issues (often odd ones) that can crop up in this part of the world and then take representative action, if necessary. Examples include helping the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District work out a plan with Springs Utilities to replace old streetlights with historically styled ones; writing a resolution that eased Bancroft Park crafter competition against Old Colorado City merchants, questioning the scope of School District 11 school closures (in their effect on Westside neighborhoods) and trying to find a middle ground for Westside residents adversely impacted by trash-mongering homeless campers.
       Heimlicher's opponent, Dave Gardner, has clearly taken the time to educate himself on the workings of city government, but in promoting his main theme - developers paying for the growth impacts they cause - he has not shown strong interest in the minutiae of Westside affairs. Perhaps, if he loses this election, he should consider running two years from now for an at-large council seat, for which his broad goals would seem to be better suited.
       Amid the hubbub surrounding District 11's school reorganization - the sudden urgency to move the West Intergenerational Center is a good example of that - it is comforting to see so many students, teachers and volunteers who are undeterred in their pursuit of educational excellence - even when it means considerable extra effort. Hats off to Coronado's winning teams in robotics, food-service and music and to West Middle School's in MathCounts. They've done the Westside proud.

- K.J.