Pleasant Valley still seeks ‘island’ greening

       Despite a funding rejection from Colorado Springs Utilities, Pleasant Valley Association President Jim Corcoran has not given up on his idea to stylize the paved traffic island in the middle of 31st Street near the Bijou Street intersecton.
        He's been talking with the city's Traffic Department about cutting part of the pavement out to allow the installation of a stone sign identifying the Pleasant Valley neighborhood and the planting of some xeriscape-style vegetation. This would be “as a start,” with the idea of eventually breaking up all the asphalt, he said.
       The island, roughly triangle-shaped and 100 or so square feet in size, is located where Camp Creek goes underground and southbound 31st Street stops being a divided street on either side of the creek.
        Utilities could not fund the project for two reasons, spokesperson Rachel Beck told the Westside Pioneer. One was that the project failed to meet the requirement of conserving existing resources: Because the island is pavement now, “it's not really conservation” to unpave it, she pointed out. Also, she said, Utilities policy only allows it to grant money to a legally designated non-profit group, which the association is not.
       “It's unfortunate, because it seems like a good project,” Beck said.
       Corcoran said there appears to be a water connection to the island. Beck said Utilities would have no objection to providing water to the location, as long as there is a customer paying for it.
       Corcoran said he would be talking to his roughly 220 association members about chipping in for the stone marker, which he estimates could cost $300 to $500.
       A nearby church may also be willing to help out with the project, he said.

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