Research is the difference for Mystery Photo winner

       Mary Schoenecker of Pleasant Valley called in first with the correct answer in the Westside Pioneer's Mystery Photo contest in the March 25 issue.
       This won her a free lunch at A Touch of Class Photo Gallery & Coffee Shop in Old Colorado City.
        She correctly stated that the photo shows the upper part of the building in which A Touch of Class is located at 2513½ W. Colorado Ave. Alberto Leopizzi, who owns the business and shot the photo, said it's an old metal sign hanger.
        “This was a great deal of fun,” Schoenecker said. “I never win anything.”
       Although she and her family have lived on the Westside for years, she said they had not gone into Old Colorado City for a long time. But when she and her husband, Don, saw the Mystery Photo contest in the Pioneer, they decided to drive down there and do some “research.” She said it was like “going on a date.”
       “We went out looking at the tops of buildings,” she said. “Knowing that it was in Old Colorado City (the only clue provided ) narrowed down the geography.”
       Other callers didn't take the time for such sleuthing. There were several wrong addresses from people hoping they had guessed right.
       Maybe they just weren't as “hungry to win” as the Schoeneckers.
       Look for another Mystery Photo contest sometime in the weeks ahead!

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