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Mesa Springs residents get answers with help of 'City Footprint' system

       Attendees at a meeting last fall of the Mesa Springs Community Association had some questions for District 1 City Councilmember Don Knight.
       And they got answers. Not all of them from Knight. On four questions, he got some help.
       On those four, Knight credited Vicki Gomes of City Communications for digging up information from different city sources. “While I said I would get the answers, Vicki is the one who wrote them down, put them into the City Footprint system and made sure they were answered,” Knight said. He also thanked the city staffers who provided the info.
       “Footprint” is the nickname for the Customer Service page on the City of Colorado Springs website, where citizens can submit questions to the city. “From this system, they can also track their requests,” Gomes said.
       The website is http://springsgov.com/citizenreq. An e-mail address must be entered, then a dialog box allows the question to be submitted.
       Knight did note for the record, however, that “our City Footprint tracking system is not perfect and there are citizens' requests that are closed without them hearing anything back.”
       Barbara Novey, the Mesa Springs Community Association president, said she was pleased overall with the responses. “Most were not canned answers which I appreciated,” she said, although she added (partially in jest) that the answer about the Mercedes vans “read like a car advertisement.”
       The Mesa Springs neighborhood is just west of I-25 between Uintah and Fillmore streets.
       The questions and answers appear below (unchanged except for minor edits for syntax and clarity):
       Q - What is being done about Mesa Creek flooding?
       I received your inquiry regarding Mesa Creek and wanted to let you know that the Regional Parks, Trails and Open Space Division, along with City Storm water representatives, will be taking a look at Mesa Creek in the coming weeks to assess the flooding issues along the corridor. I will keep you in the loop regarding our findings.
       Scott Abbott Regional Parks, Trails and Open Space Supervisor [Colorado Springs Parks Department]

       Q - Will citizens have bus service to the VA [Veterans Clinic that's due to open in August]?
       Yes, we are planning service to the new VA Clinic at Fillmore and Centennial. The exact routing is still in development and the public will be informed as soon as a final proposal is available. Thank you for your interest in Metro Transit. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.
       Steve Hawkins, Transit Scheduler
       Mountain Metropolitan Transit

       Q - When will the bathrooms at Sondermann Park reopen?
       Thank you for your inquiry. A number of years ago, we closed the Sondermann restroom because of the amount of vandalism it was receiving. As soon as we would repair it, it would again be vandalized. At one time we had a neighbor who voluntarily would lock and unlock the restroom to lessen the chance for mischief. When that person moved away and we found no one to take their place, the vandalism began again, so we chose to cut our losses and just lock the restroom.
       When might it reopen? It is this time of year [winter] that we shut down all of our restrooms due to the onset of freezing night time temperatures. We can reevaluate reopening the restroom in the spring, although we are hesitant to do so because of its past history with being vandalized. If we could find someone willing to do the locking, as was done in the past, we would be much more likely to give reopening the restroom a try.
       Thank you again for your email.
       Kurt Schroeder, Park Operations and Development Manager [Colorado Springs Parks Department]

       Q - Why is Colorado Springs Utilities using Mercedes vans? Isn't there a less expensive van they can use?
       Thank you for your email regarding the use of the Mercedes van in our fleet. We do use these Mercedes vans in our fleet. They are the "Sprinter" van which was (previously) branded with the Dodge logo when purchased in the USA.
       Colorado Springs Utilities makes every effort to select the best option at the most reasonable price in our purchasing options. In this particular application we utilize these vans in our CCTV program. The front half of the van is essentially a walk-in office. The rear of the van houses a camera to perform inspections on our wastewater lines. The compact wheel base, diesel availability [and] gross vehicle weight rating, along with height requirements (interior/exterior), allows our crews to access all easements within our service territory.
       I hope this has answered your questions. However, if you have additional questions or if you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact me again and I will be happy to help.
       Thank you,
       Jenifer, Customer Service Department [Colorado Springs Utilities]

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(Posted 4/1/14; Community: Neighborhoods)

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