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Holmes 7th-graders dress as historical figures they'd researched

Westside Pioneer photo
       Holmes Middle School's annual Night of the Notables April 1 featured about 240 seventh-graders dressed up as notable historic figures that they had done research on. The students set up in the library and cafeteria with informational poster boards about their characters.
       The public was invited to attend and ask questions about their notables, such as their long-lasting impact on society, obstacles they overcame and any regrets they might have had.
       The photo above shows four students with their displays (from left): Ian Doherty as Nelson Mandela, Aleksandra Olesiak as Mary Cartwright, Nate Stafford as Napoleon Bonaparte and Natasha Garcia as Hypatia of Alexandria.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 4/2/14; Schools: Holmes Middle School)

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