Two who support Czelatdko for D-3
       I have known Lisa Czelatdko all her life, and I can honestly say she would be a good worker for Colorado Springs. She is very focused on all the local community interests, because of her family and all the other families in the area. I have seen her working hard to make herself known.
       I hope everyone will get behind her and support her in the upcoming election. Thank you.

Betty Vogel

It seems like only yesterday that our Westside neighborhood rose up to fight for Fire Station 3, that our Westside neighborhood stood up to the over-reaching plan for Highway 24 west, that the city promised our long-awaited historic overlay would be completed, that our schools were closed to fill budget gaps, and that our Westside Community Center was threatened with closure. As we look ahead to the upcoming election on April 5th, one City Council vote stands out as the “most” important to our neighborhood, that of District 3. And, while it can sometimes be the case that what's good for the city is also good for the district, we need a councilmember who is willing to stand up for our district and our neighborhood on specific issues when the need arises.
       One candidate has proven her local commitment - a hard-working citizen and leader who serves on city and county boards and commissions, participates with non-profit organizations and community groups and is involved in our local issues. Lisa Czelatdko has demonstrated the energy and personal interest to represent us as “our” District 3 councilmember. She's attended our neighborhood association meetings, has reached out to business owners on the far Westside and walked the area of No Man's Land, she's attended and held events specifically for residents at our Westside Community Center and is already serving us as an active citizen leader. Experience is important, and that's why we're supporting Lisa Czelatdko for City Council District 3. We ask for others to join us in voting for Lisa C on April 5. For more information on Lisa Czelatdko, visit ElectLisaC.com.

Sallie and Welling Clark