District 1 endorsements listed

       Here are the endorsements for the District 1 City Council candidates, as of press deadline (provided by the individual candidates):
       Scott Hente:
       The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce
       Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters Assn. (Local #5)
       Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association
       Pikes Peak Association of Realtors
       Surface Transportation Advisory Coalition
       Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership
       Colorado Springs Police Protective Association
       Colorado Restaurant Association, Pikes Peak Chapter
       Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition
       Jan Doran, president, Council of Neighborhood Organizations
       Larry Liston, Colorado State Representative
       Bill Sinclair, former Colorado State representative
       Sallie Clark, El Paso County commissioner
       Wayne Williams, El Paso County commissioner
       Lionel Rivera, Colorado Springs mayor
       Mary Lou Makepeace, former Colorado Springs mayor
       Jim Null, former Colorado Springs District 1 council member
       Darryl Glenn, Colorado Springs District 2 council member
       Jerry Heimlicher, Colorado Springs District 3 council member
       Margaret Radford, Colorado Springs District 4 council member
       Tom Gallagher, Colorado Springs At-Large council member
       Larry Small, Colorado Springs At-Large council member
       Judy Noyes, Former Colorado Springs council member
       Mary Ellen McNally, Former Colorado Springs council member
       Chuck Murphy, Colorado Springs Planning Commissioner
       Duane Slocum, previous Colorado Springs District 1 candidate
       Wynne Palermo, Randy Deming, George C. Hess, III, Mike and Marne Mallon, Bill Johannsen. Skip and Debbie Howes, Les Gruen, Jack Gloriod, Mark Watson
       Al Brody:
       Mike Merrifield, Colorado State representative
       Alison Dunlap, world champion mountain bike racer
       A. Akhigbe Erumsele, Ph.D.; MPA; MA. Retired Professor of Public Policy Analysis
       Jane Ard-Smith, chair, Pikes Peak Group Sierra Club
       Anne Armitage, nonprofit leadership consultant and leader in liberal faith community
       Barbara Bailey, children's safety advocate
       Greg Borom, past executive director, Citizens Project
       Kay Caunt, owner, Criterium Bike Shop
       Elliot S. Cohen, MD
       John Crandall, owner, Old Town Bike Shop
       Michael J. Duncan, attorney
       Tony Ebbe, Military spouse, volunteer, octogenarian
       Ed Fallon, Iowa State representative, past executive director, 1,000 Friends of Iowa
       Elizabeth S. Fuller, artist, gardener, septuagenarian
       Ken Gart, president, Specialty Sports Ventures, LLC; owner, Bicycle Village
       Maile Gray, community traffic safety advocate
       Daphne Greenwood, past state senator - District 11 (El Paso County)
       Terry Howard, motorcycle advocate
       Ann Oatman-Gardner, community leader
       Tim Oliver, previous Colorado Springs City Council District 1 Candidate
       Bob Powell, Ph.D., MBA, Systems Thinking consultant
       Lynette Reagan, walking advocate
       Pat Richardson, attorney
       Judith Rice-Jones, Former Colorado Springs Historic Preservation Board chair,
       former Colorado Springs CS Parks and Recreation Advisory Board chair
       Kelli Romp, children's injury prevention specialist
       Dean Tollefson, Ph. D.
       Dave Vanderwege, past president, Colorado Springs Cycling Club
       Government for the People Election Committee
       LINK, Small Business Support Group
       Pikes Peak Group of the Sierra Club
       Political Voice for Animals