Kids from Bristol show off their art, music

       Artwork filled the walls and music filled the gym for an Art Festival at Bristol Elementary the night of March 17, while students took their parents around to show them what they had been working on.
       Teachers closely involved in the event were Katie Robinson, the part-time art teacher, Pam Hoots, music teacher; and Joan E. Grant, the librarian/technology teacher. A book fair was also held.
       Artwork from grades 3-5 focused mainly on African and Central American subjects, while younger students' efforts reflected Robinson's instruction about artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse and Paul Klee.
       For the music, grades 3-5 had been working on creating tunes using a computer program called Music Ace. Fifth-graders also used the program to develop PowerPoint slide presentations incorporating their songs in conjunction with research they had done on individual U.S. presidents.
       Parents could use the school computers to listen to their children's songs.
       The music playing in the gym had been recorded by an eight-member student percussion ensemble a few days earlier, using types of African drums called tubanos and djembes, according to Hoots.

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