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City Transit changes: Saturday service, detour for Route 4; shorter ride for Route 14

A map shows the old Route 14 route, including the Arrowswest loop (shown in red at the upper left), and the new route, in which that loop is taken over by Route 34, which covers the Garden of the Gods Road/Austin Bluffs Parkway area.
Courtesy of City Transit Services
       Starting April 5, changes are scheduled for two hourly city bus routes that pass through the Westside.
       One is Route 4, which gets double differences: Saturday service based on rider demand, plus a detour to avoid the upcoming Cimarron/I-25 interchange replacement project (slated to last until December 2017).
       Also changed is Route 14, which is slightly shortened and as a result is expected to have “better on-time performance,” according to a press release.
       Route 4 runs between the downtown and Broadmoor Hotel, chiefly using South Eighth Street.
       Route 14 runs between the downtown and Garden of the Gods Road, with El Paso County's Citizens Service Center being the primary stop.
       To stay clear of the upcoming interchange work, the proposed Route 4 detour will use Colorado Avenue (instead of Cimarron) between the downtown and Eighth/Limit streets. The stops on the added avenue segment will be the same as those for Route 3, according to officials for City Transit (which also goes by the name, Mountain Metropolitan Transit). The only west-of-the-interstate stop being removed is the one at Cimarron and Eighth streets, the new route schedule shows.
       Route 14's time savings is expected as a result of Route 34 taking over 14's Arrowswest loop off Garden of the Gods Road, in a procedure that transit officials call "interlining."
       The changes in the Westside routes are among several citywide that were proposed in January, then went before the public.
       Another Westside-related city proposal was to have the buses on routes 2 and 14 use the roundabout at the Citizen Service Center to change direction more efficiently. That plan has been deferred until fall. The reason is that “necessary improvements to the roundabout will not be completed by the spring service change start date,” the release states.
       A full list of the citywide route changes can be seen at mmtransit.com.
       “We're very anxious to get this service out on the streets,” reads a prepared statement from Mountain Metropolitan Transit Director Craig Blewitt. “The changes are going to go a long way toward improving our service and providing faster, more efficient options for our current riders as well as attracting new riders.”

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 4/1/15; Transportation: Transit)

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