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A tile is fashioned by a participant in the community effort to beautify the concrete ramp area behind the Old Colorado City Library.
Phil Barnett photo; used with permission

Dates nearing for installation of colored tiles on OCC Library's ramp walls

       The writing is on the walls for the Old Colorado City Library's parking-lot beautification.
       Not that they will look anything like the chalk drawings and comments that are on them now - although that's a clear sign of community interest.
       The plan is to install hundreds of colorful tiles on those concrete walls on consecutive Saturdays, April 25 and May 2, preceded by a "sneak preview" of what it will look like as part of National Library Week Friday, April 17 from 1 to 3 p.m.
       The walls are at the rear of the library parking lot, along a ramp from the parking lot that allows access to the library as well as the alley about 10 feet above.
       In preparation, about 300 colored tiles have been made and glazed so far by volunteers working off-site with the
Various markings have found their way onto the ramp walls at the back of the Old Colorado City Library parking lot as community members have responded to the invitation from the library to use provided chalk to put up their own messages and ideas.
Westside Pioneer photo
contractor, Concrete Couch, a local nonprofit that specializes in public art projects. These will be augmented by more than 1,000 commercial tiles and others that are continuing to be made “for specific spots and ideas,” according to Steve Wood, the head of Concrete Couch.
       “We'll gather as many as we can and see what tiles go best in what sections,” added Jocelyne Sansing, the library manager, who came up with the beautification idea.
       The final design is still being resolved, but the result will include images and quotes related to libraries, neighborhoods, literature and local history, she said. "It's going to look cool."
       The walls had been blank, but as part of the community outreach aspect of the project, the library has placed pieces of chalk outside, with a sign posted that anyone is welcome to “share your creative and relevant ideas.”
       This has resulted in scores of drawing and text contributions. Sansing said she's enjoyed seeing such a level of "engagement."
       The planning and tile-making efforts have been occurring since Concrete Couch started convening weekly with volunteers at the end of February.
       The project costs are being covered with available library funds, according to Sansing. Project specifications call for a final product that will require no maintenance.
       For more information, call the library at 634-1698.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 4/5/15, updated 4/6/15; Community: Old Colorado City Library)

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