Coronado site of speed limit meeting April 4; Mesa Road removed from list of increases

       Colorado Springs Traffic officials will hold another in a series of public meetings on proposed city speed limit changes Tuesday, April 4 at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria at Coronado High School, 1590 W. Fillmore St.
       But Westsiders concerned about one of the originally proposed increases - from 35 to 40 mph on Mesa Road (including Holmes Middle School) between Uintah and 30th streets - can rest easy. David Krauth, the city's principal traffic engineer, said this week that he and his staff have decided to keep that posting at 35.
       “When we went out and looked at it, there were only a couple of places appropriate to 40 mph,” he said. “The rest of the road was appropriate for 35, so it didn't make sense to change all of it.”
       There are still eight other Westside streets on which city staff wants to increase speeds by 5 mph (Friendship Lane and parts of King Street, 21st Street, 30th Street, Centennial Boulevard, Fillmore Street and Fontmore Road) and by 10 mph (part of 26th Street south of Highway 24). In addition, parts of Pikes Peak Avenue and Garden of the Gods Road are projected for 5-mph speed decreases.
       The city will take comments on these and other speed limit changes around the city at the April 4 meeting, Krauth said. The meeting will begin with a roughly 40- minute City Traffic presentation on how the speed limit changes were determined from city studies analyzing how fast motorists typically drive each road.
       City Councilman Jerry Heimlicher, who had spoken out against the Mesa Road speed increase, was pleased to hear of city staff's decision to abandon that idea. “With the curves and tightness of that road, it didn't make any sense,” he said.
       But he's also received citizen complaints about the Friendship Lane hike. The street, which is a long cul-de-sac through an older neighborhood off Mesa (near Holmes), would go up from 20 to 25 mph. “That's ridiculous,” Heimlicher said.
       Displayed at the meeting will be the “latest and greatest map” detailing the proposed changes, Krauth said.
       People can also view maps of current and proposed arterial limit changes on the city website now. The home page is At that page is a “speed limit changes” link that allows people to view related spreadsheets and maps. Last week, the map still showed the 40-mph proposal for Mesa Road, but has since been updated.
       The April 4 Coronado High meeting is one of several that have been scheduled recently around the city on the speed limits issue. Increases citywide had been announced by Krauth in January, but City Council put them on hold to allow citizen input.

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