Sinton Pond gains from gymnasts’ lesson in citizenship

       Last fall, Mike Zapp opened one of the biggest gymnastics facilities in the state. But for a couple of hours March 28, the ArtSports owner decided the best training for about 30 of his students was to take them outside the building.
       He armed the youngsters with plastic bags, then led them down the nearby trail through the city's Douglas Creek Open Space and over to Sinton Pond Open Space. The plan - which the students appeared to embrace wholeheartedly - was to pick up trash along the trail and around the pond.
       “I want to teach the kids a little more than gymnastics,” he explained beforehand. “They need to feel what it's like to be good citizens.”
       The student athletes, ranging in age from about 5 to 12 years old, competed with one another to find trash. This effort even included, to Zapp's consternation, several of them wading into the pond to snag thrown-away items.
       One young girl, shivering a bit as she emerged from the water, wet to her waist, announced happily, “And we got the can!”
       Art Sports, at 780 Vondelpark Drive in the Holland Park area, is less than half a mile from the pond, just east of the interstate off Ellston Street and Sinton Road. Zapp said he would like his students to become its “custodians” on a regular basis.

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