Appreciated library event coverage
       Thank you for your excellent job of reporting Westside events in your newspaper. I especially appreciated your coverage of our program, “Instruments in the Attic,” at the Old Colorado City Branch Library Feb. 11.
       You are making an excellent contribution to our community with your paper.

Dustie Flynn, Branch Assistant

Old Colorado City Branch Library

Thoughts on Hwy 24 proposal
       I agree with your vision of redesigning Highway 24 while disrupting as few homes, businesses, neighborhoods, and lives as possible, retaining the character of the Westside, and maybe even allowing for some other unforeseen hidden benefits (“First do no harm,” Westside Pioneer, March 9). Aware of the devastating rate of growth in many of our popular western cities, I believe the most critical problem is the volume of cars that will be traversing the corridor in the near future, let alone 30 years, so I have been leaning toward CDOT's proposed freeway option. On the other hand, CDOT's proposed multiple flyovers and designated lanes for specific but remote connections would be a signage nightmare, instigating driver frustration and vehicle accidents. The proposed length of their accel/decel lanes is excessive. The idea of elevating 6-1/2 miles of road with fill dirt seems farfetched, if not impossible, when you consider how far out to the sides the fill dirt would have to extend to build a 6-lane highway the required 26 feet in the air to allow for surface-level underpasses at cross streets. At the same time, I believe we would regret leaving the present system of stoplights in place. Long lines of traffic idling at all those intersections will be spreading deadly air pollution in all directions. There is no other route to Ute Pass and over the mountain. The corridor is the only available corridor, collecting traffic from Castle Rock to Pueblo and east to the Kansas line. Imagine Denver with stoplights in place of every interchange. Then consider that construction on the corridor is not likely to begin for at least another 10 years. I keep wondering about the possibility of adding an interchange on I-25 between Cimarron and Tejon that would connect with Abbott Lane. This would move traffic directly to Wal-Mart and 8th Street. It would branch directly to the Norris-Penrose Event Center on Rio Grande and the backside of Gold Hill Mesa development via Lower Gold Camp Road. The interchange at I-25 would be southwest of Fountain and Monument Creeks and north of Bear Creek, avoiding the need for additional bridges. This would greatly reduce traffic on 21st Street and Highway 24.

Peter Dunn