Building permit approved for new KFC
Old store to be razed in April

       If you've got a zest for the fare at Kentucky Fried Chicken, you might want to go to the one at 31st Street and Colorado Avenue soon.
       On the other hand, you might want to wait out the three months after it's shut down - which could happen as soon as April 1 - and dine at the new KFC/A&W that will be built in its place.
       The rough construction timetable took shape this week when the Regional Building Department issued a building permit to Harman Management Corp., the KFC owners.
       Steve Brown of Near Design & Planning, which had created the plan for Harman and has been nudging it through the local review process, said that once the current store is shut down, crews from Milestone Construction Management (a Denver company) will fence off the 1.35-acre site and begin demolition of the old building. He estimated a 90-day time frame before the new store opens.
       “You never want to have a store closed, but it's going to be a real good project, a great store and a good location,” Brown said. The new KFC will be built on the same part of the site as the current one.
       After receiving City Planning approval last November, Harman had anticipated starting work in December, but the permit review process took longer than anticipated, Brown noted. So, when the building permit was finally granted March 28, “we were jumping for joy,” he said.
       Construction will include a new restaurant, landscaping, signage and parking/access configurations, as well as a 7-foot widening of Colorado Avenue along a 100- foot stretch in front of the restaurant. This will fulfill Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) demands that, in conjunction with plan approval, Harman Management has to create a full right-turn lane on the avenue for eastbound drivers going south onto 31st.
       Harman also acquiesced to a request from the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) to make the design fit the area. The store will have a partial brick façade and a short, “monument-style” sign facing Colorado Avenue; the original plan had called for a boilerplate KFC building and 40-foot signs in front and rear. In addition, Harman has donated land for a wider sidewalk on the west side of 31st Street and for City Parks along Fountain Creek.
       At 3,600 square feet, the new KFC/ A&W will be about 10 percent larger than the current restaurant, but most of the additional square footage will be in the kitchen to help accommodate the A&W restaurant. The current store seats 70 to 75 people; the new one will seat 72, according to plans.
       Harman does expect more business at the new store. Corporate estimates, announced at an OWN meeting last spring, projected increased annual sales of about $500,000 and an increase from the present 12 employees to 32.
       Currently, the nearest KFC with an A&W is north of Garden of the Gods Road on Centennial Boulevard.

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