Donít feed wildlife, state advises

       The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is asking the public to do its part to reduce potentially dangerous wildlife encounters and the message is simple: Don't feed the wildlife! In a not-unusual Westside sight, a pair of deer forage
outside a residence Ė this location was near 33rd Street and
West Platte Avenue.
Westside Pioneer photo
       "There is mounting evidence that artificial feeding of wildlife contributes directly to the problems between wildlife and people," according to a report from the DOW office for western El Paso County. "We know that artificial feeding concentrates animals and accelerates the spread of diseases. It also causes wild animals to lose their fear of humans, which increases the chance of someone getting bitten or injured."
       "Many people who feed wildlife do not realize that it does more harm than good," the report continues. "In the case of bears, foxes and coyotes, feeding encourages animals to associate humans with food - an association that often results in the animal's destruction."
       For more information about DOW, call 227-5200, or go to the DOW website:

From a press release