Questioning the city candidates
Response from mayoral hopeful Tony Tyler

       Ballots have been mailed out to Colorado Springs registered voters for the municipal election. There are four mayoral candidates and nine City Council candidates for four at-large seats.
       The Westside Pioneer asked the same two questions of each candidate and gave each a total of 200 words to respond. Responses in the last two Pioneers came from mayoral candidates Mike Coletta and Tony Carpenter; and council incumbents Tom Gallagher, Bernie Herpin, Randy Purvis and Vice Mayor Larry Small; and challengers Tom Harold, Dave Martin, Jan Martin, Bob Null and Greg Timm.
       At this week's deadline we had received a response from one of the two other mayoral candidates: Tony Tyler (however, he did not submit a photo of himself, as requested). Mayor Lionel Rivera did not send in a response.
       The questions are as follows

       1. If elected, what will you specifically do (if anything) to convince CDOT to reduce the size of the Westside Highway 24 expansion?
       2. What makes you so sure that you can lead this city anywhere?

Tony Tyler

       1. Highway 24: I am not sure if we would ever be able to reduce the size of the corridor of Highway 24. I do, however, think that being able to keep the traffic flow going through bridges and very necessary sound walls would reduce the impact to residents that live in the immediate area of the busy road. I think that if I lived next to the interstate I would like to reduce noise from it and unfortunately I think that is where we must head on the road because of population.
       2. Leadership: I see what the current mayor and City Council have done to the city in terms of not letting us vote and use our tax dollars as we so choose. Most of the time the taxpayers of the city choose to approve a tax if they are told the truth, and our current City Council has a really hard time of telling people the truth or letting them decide on their own, I would put the control making back into the hands of the people. I am not a career politician, but I do know how to problem-solve financial issues and how to open up and listen to people in my community.