Hughes treks through dimensional portal By Tom and April Foolery (Special to the Westside Pioneer)

       Dave Hughes, known on the Westside for his military service, civic involvement and pioneering efforts in wireless technology, temporarily disappeared into cyberspace recently.
       Friends and associates grew concerned about the 78-year-old living legend during an Organization of Westside Neighbors meeting, when he was caught in the stream of a PowerPoint document and dematerialized.
       According to technical experts, the light waves, combined with the force of his argument, caused him to be briefly transported into a parallel dimension.
       Hughes returned shortly thereafter, none the worse for wear. He explained that the unexpected “trip” had not been a total waste of time: The parallel dimension residents had been unaware of the Westside, and this gave him the opportunity to explain the unprecedented revitalization of Old Colorado City to new sets of ears.

Westside Pioneer photo