Meet a Westsider:
April Fool

Profession/Occupation... Agent provacateur. But not the bad type. Iím just a simple girl who wants to have fun... especially on a certain day each year.

What I like most about the Westside is... The weather, mainly. It's so sunny here, most of the time. Hey, is that a cloud up there? Made you look.

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... Already planned. I'll be tearing out the Uintah Gardens King Soopers and replacing it with a 30-foot-high wind farm next week. Hope the neighbors don't mind the noise.

A good movie Iíve seen recently is... There have been 19 movies with "April Fool" in the title. I think the one you'd like is the 1924 version. Here's the synopsis from "Jimmy Jump is a cracked reporter at a behind-the-times daily newspaper. He also happens to be in love with the managing editor's daughter. It's Monday, April 1st and the paper's editorial staff has a great deal of trouble telling the difference between April Fool's jokes and real events."

I'd like to discover... You don't happen to know how to get into the system the city uses to control the traffic lights on Colorado Avenue, do you?

If I could meet someone famous, Iíd like to meet... I've always wanted to meet Sgt. John O'Keefe, who manned the Pikes Peak weather station in 1876, when his dear little daughter Erin was eaten by rats. OK, so Erin never had a birth certificate. Spoilsport.

The next time I travel, Iím going to... Let's see. Probably a toss-up between Bali Hai and Shangri-La. Both sound pretty good. I'm also on a quest to find the Level Playing Field. Politicians always talk about such a place, but I've yet to see it.

My favorite childhood memory is... The time I put the rubberband around the trigger on the kitchen faucet side spray. Mom got so mad!

My favorite spring pastime is... Do you mind turning around? Just for a second.

Something good Iíve read is... Museum of Click on "Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes." And to think I was there for all of them!

My pet peeve is... People who can't take a joke. By the way, do you know you've still got some of that stuff behind one ear?

If I didn't have to work for a year I would... My dear boy, I only work one day a year, and I wouldn't miss it for the world! Now could you turn around one more time?

       Editor's note: April Fool dropped by the Westside Pioneer office for this interview, which originally ran in the printed Pioneer April 1, 2010.