EDITORíS DESK: Firefighters, schools and charity

       We Westsiders owe a big thumbs-up to our local firefighters. They saved houses on King Street and possibly much, much more with their prompt and efficient response to the brush fire there March 21. Another thank you is deserved by the motorist who reportedly was passing by on King Street, noticed the smoke and took the inititative to call 911. As it turns out, even a delay of a minute or two could have meant the wind-aided fire, racing up the slope south of King, reaching the homes themselves, instead of being allowed only to char a fence and landscape timbers outside.
       In the ongoing saga of School District 11, the map on Page 1 shows the attendance areas that administrators and a committee of staff and citizens recommend to handle the geography that will be altered this August with fewer schools. Now it's up to us citizens to weigh in, if we have any major beefs. The optimum time for our side of town would seem to be the meeting at Coronado High School Thursday, April 2 at 7:30 p.m. From this little window on the world, it seems as if a good job was done, for the most part, to keep kids from crossing major streets, with the main exception being the proposed attendance area for the former Pike Elementary kids, which means crossing frantic Fillmore Street at Chestnut en route to their new school, Jackson Elementary.
       It will be interesting to see how the Old Colorado City merchants' first-time Charity Fair goes this weekend. The neat part is the encouragement of private giving - as opposed to the government-induced kind - and the involvement of so many non-profit groups. What's cute is the mercantile twist, in which shopping Old Town becomes a saintly activity. But we already knew that!

- K.J.