Walgreen’s: Furr’s move not confirmed

       A report that Walgreen Drug Store is moving to the site of the old Furr's Cafeteria building at Uintah Gardens is unsubstantiated… at least for now.
      Chris Noble, the Walgreen's real estate manager for the region including Colorado, told the Westside Pioneer that the drugstore chain is “evaluating a couple of different options” for a new Westside location but “has committed to nothing.”
      The current store at Uintah Gardens is part of an L-shaped line of stores at Uintah and 19th streets set back from a large parking area. The stand-alone Furr's building, which houses some small shops and was for many years the home of the since-closed Furr's Cafeteria, is parallel to 19th and closer to the intersection.
      According to Noble, the new “nationwide” policy for Walgreen's is to “relocate to free-standing buildings.”
      Different Walgreen's employees have told customers and neighboring storekeepers that a move is planned to the site of the old Furr's building, possibly as soon as August. The building would be torn down and a new Walgreen's built on the site, according to these employee reports.
      Noble said that such stories could be the result of employees drawing conclusions after hearing about plans that are only under consideration.
      He added that, in general (not specifically regarding the King Soopers at Uintah Gardens), “When dealing with shopping centers, sometimes grocery stores don't like to see a freestanding store in front of them.”

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