Clark pledges she won’t ‘sit back’

       On the Westside campaign trail March 22, District 3 county commissioner candidate Sallie Clark pledged that if elected she would be a “coalition builder” who would not “sit back and let things happen.”
        “The county needs to stop fighting itself,” she told a group of potential delegates who came to meet her at Paravicini's Italian Bistro on West Colorado Avenue.
       She was referring to events over the years in which county officials have argued about internal problems - most recently the question of spending in the coroner's office.
       She observed that any inefficiences there pale beside what the county is losing through antiquated information technology.
       She also suggested the county look into hiring an internal auditor. She said that when she was on Colorado Springs City Council, her work with an auditor “saved millions for taxpayers.”
       Clark, a self-proclaimed conservative and long-time Westside activist, is seeking delegate support for the April 13 county caucuses and May 1 county assembly.

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