Westsiders... Start your hoses!

       Everyone knows the Westside is unique in terms of culture and history, but how many are aware our climate and soils are special, too?
      The bottom line, according to Pam Staley, a 24-year Westside resident and master gardener, is that Westsiders need to start deep watering now - sooner than residents in the east parts of town. “The next two weeks are important,” she said.
      The east side is “still dormant from their windy environment,” she said.
      The Westside not only gets less wind and sun, it has (instead of typical dirt) clay and sand soils where the water “either sifts through or sits,” Staley said.
      By watering now, roots will be stronger on grass, bushes and trees when summer arrives. “One good watering is all it needs,” she said.

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