EDITOR’S DESK: A week personality

       One of the things I like most about a weekly newspaper is that it gives time for the news to develop - almost to take on a personality of its own. Some weeks seem to present longer stories, others shorter. Some-times pictures seem to be everywhere; other weeks they seem to hide.
       But in the end, it's people that make the news. And that was never more true than this week.
        There was Brandon Kochen of Swerdfeger Construction, who, when last seen, was standing at the bottom of a 10-foot-deep hole in the alley between 14th and 15th streets after working through most of the previous night trying to get residents connected to a new sewer line.
       Then there were the volunteer folks with the El Paso County Fair, who came to Penrose Stadium March 20 to choose this year's queen. Those who think the fair queen is just some horse-crazy figurehead ought to have seen how former queen Amy Jo Fields broke down in tears at the ceremony, too overcome for words when she tried to talk about the financial straits the fair faces as it enters its 99th year. This is a queen who, at 11:30 one night at last year's fair, reportedly could have been found supporting 4- H'ers at the swine judging.
       Last but hardly least, I chanced to meet the kindly and gifted Maloa Current Read, who wrote the fine “Red Rock Canyon” poem that appears on Page 4 this issue, despite her concerns it wasn't good enough for print.
        Not that I'm looking for poems, mind you... just for the poetry that can emerge each week in the news..

- K.J.