Catamount moving into Beidleman, preparing for first program

       The staff of the Catamount Institute is continuing the transition to its new home at the Beidleman Environmental Center.
       “We're going to be doing some painting, and we're waiting for the phones to be installed,” said Catamount Education Director Melissa Walker recently.
       Regarding the phones, “We hope that's going to be solved right away,” she said.
        There was some reason for urgency. The first program, called the Keepers of the Water, is scheduled April 6.
       Technically, that's before the April 16 move-in date Catamount has set, but that's part of the plan for the non-profit environmental educational organization. “We're charging ahead,” Walker said. “We're eager to get there and be able to do our programs.”
       In a recently signed agreement with the City of Colorado Springs, Catamount's six to eight employees will share space at the center with the Friends of Beidleman Foundation, which has traditionally helped run the center's programs and care for its Marriage Garden.
       A schedule for the summer is expected to be ready in the coming weeks, according to Walker. The center is in 100-acre Sondermann Park on the Westside.
       The agreement with Catamount ends a period of virtual dormancy for the center after budget cuts in 2003 ended city support for programs there.

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