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Letter: Templeton Building funded in 1891 from lot sales for Midland Railway

       The Templeton Building, 2502 West Colorado Ave.. has gone through many eras of history since it was built in 1891.
       I had my Old Colorado City Communications company - with some of the most advanced brand new wireless technologies (like wi-fi) in a second-floor space for more than 20 years, starting in 1977. I noticed over the years that, in many second-floor rooms, there are still the remnants of small wood-coal stoves. For that floor had been rental apartments at the turn of the century. Those rooms are now rented as offices. In some of those “offices,” still visible, are pie shaped covers over holes on the outside walls, through which chimney fumes going up the brick perimeter wall had travelled. It was a miracle that the three-story Templeton building never burned.
       It was built in 1891 by Henry Templeton, using $15,000 he had earned by selling unused, original, Colorado City lots south of Fountain Creek, where US Highway 24 goes now. He had bought those lots for as little as a dollar each as Colorado City declined during the Civil War. He later sold the lots at a great mark-up price to John J. Hagerman for the spread-out railroad yards and the Roundhouse of the Colorado Midland railroad.
       Just a little-known bit of Westside history.

       Dave Hughes

(Posted 3/24/15; Opinion: Letters)

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