Updated costs on Dog Park project

       The Westside Pioneer has received updated cost numbers on the nearly completed El Paso County Dog Park improvement project.

A concrete-pumping crew develops the new dog-wading pool at the El Paso County Dog Park March 16 as part of a continuing upgrade project. During the work, water was being diverted around the pool area.
Ron Buchanan photo – used with permission

       Last September, using information from County Public Works, the cash cost was announced as about $280,000. The project's final cash cost, announced this week by Jason Meyer, the County Parks planner assigned to the project, is about $306,000.
       The main reason for the increased amount was higher utility costs, “due to changes in the design,” Meyer said. “We had a revision to the electrical and water connections along 21st Street.”
       Helping the county absorb the higher costs were more than $10,000 in donations and additional contributions from developer fees (County Park's chief monetary contribution to the project).
       Unchanged was the previously reported $197,000 Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant for the project.
       The overall cost total has been published elsewhere as $329,000. This number is derived by adding $23,000 of “in-kind” value to the $306,000 cash cost. The in-kind value was derived from the extent of work done by county staff outside the project contract. “It accounts for our staff placing boulders along the creek bank and restrooms, culvert and site drainage work, and general site work clean-up,” Meyer said. “For materials, we supplied the boulders and culverts.”
       The project also includes a paved parking lot, a restroom with electricity and running water, a dog wash area and dog-wading areas along the creek. Completion is tentatively scheduled in April.

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