PTA Reflections program helps ‘shore up’ public school art cuts

       Started in Colorado Springs in the 1960s, the Reflections art competition eventually became national, and continues to be strong in this area through the support of different chapters of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).
       “It's an opportunity for students who are talented in different fields of art, including literature, to try their hands at competition and get external validation of their skills and talents,” said Nora Brown, president of the Coronado PTA.
       The Reflections arts focus has become especially relevant in recent years, she believes, because so many school districts have been forced to cut back on art classes for budgetary reasons. “That's one reason the PTA likes to get involved,” she said. “It's a way that we can shore up those cuts.”
       The gold-medal winners at the recent state-level competition will now be judged at the national level. These include five (listed in the March 15 Westside Pioneer) from Holmes Middle School and Coronado High.
       Reflections is an optional program, made available at middle or high schools with active PTAs.

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