Agency that helps home buyers moves to Westside

       The Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust has participated in various projects on the Westside in its 11 years. Now the non-profit agency has moved its office here.
       The location is 1212 W. Colorado Ave.
       The Land Trust had previously rented in the downtown area. “Our board said it was time for us to do what we tell our families to do,” chuckled Executive Director Bob Koenig, referring to the agency's mission to help people purchase homes.
       Over the years, the Land Trust has assisted 136 area families in becoming first-time home-buyers, and worked with 107 others through partnerships, he said.
       At 1212, in addition to a first-floor meeting room, there are offices for Koenig and his four staffers on the upper and lower floors of the vintage house (built in 1890, according to Assessor's Office records).
       The house's 1,400 square feet are welcome. The downtown office was just 500-square-foot of undivided space - nicknamed the “submarine,” according to Koenig.
       Several parking spaces are off the alley in back.
       The Land Trust started considering a Colorado Avenue site because that part of the Westside is in a county enterprise zone that offers property-purchase breaks, he explained.
       “This is convenient, with easy access, and feels like home to us and our families,” Koenig said. “We enjoy being on the Westside, and we think the community will like us being over here.”
       A key strategy for the Land Trust (one of more than 100 such entities nationwide) is buying a quarter of a house, thus reducing the amount a family has to pay to the seller. Projects on the Westside have included Broadway Bluffs in the Midland area, two relocated duplexes on West Platte Avenue and a home construction project (still in the planning stages) on West St. Vrain Street.
       The agency can be reached at 447-9300.

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