EDITORíS DESK: Too bad about the parade

       I'm not going to say I told you so (because I didn't). But I can say that I sort of, kind of thought about it in a roundabout way... just how smoothly the Westside- spawned St. Patrick's Day Parade might transfer to the downtown.
       Don't get me wrong. I wasn't rooting against the O'Donnells, now in their 24th year of parade-organizing. After all, John and Carol are still Westside business people, even if I shared the disappointment of many folks over here when they revealed this year that little ol' Colorado City just didn't have the mojo anymore for a parade of such size and well, yes, cost. (Fact is, though: Old Town's retailers had long since taken the parade - along with its free, day-long marketing exposure to 20,000 or so jolly citizens - for granted. Other than individuals here and there, the merchants as a whole did nothing to help that uniquely home-grown tradition continue. So if you're going to criticize anyone for its departure, be sure not to leave out the Old Colorado City Associates.)
       But back to the smooth-transfer angle. A person could argue that everything basically went well. The gods supplied good weather; the crowds came. If it weren't for just one little, insignificant police smack-down, the whole thing could have been declared perfect. Or could it be that the Bookman incident symbolized the time- honored contrast between the ragamuffin Westside and the effete downtown? Nobody (including the O'Donnells) minded when those war protesters waved their signs on Colorado Avenue last year. But on Tejon Street? Oh, my. Pull the permit and call the cops. Or maybe bring that parade back here, where it belongs.

- K.J.