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Letter: The flood of 1935, as seen by a boy in Pueblo

       Well, I wasn't present in Colorado Springs during the damaging flood of 1935 [see Mel McFarland's Cobweb Corners column, "The end to the 1934-35 drought (Part 2)," posted on the Westside Pioneer website March 7, 2016].
       But I WAS in Pueblo - as a lad of 7, during that same series of thunderstorms. We lived on East 8th Street, just one block from the bridge over Fountain Creek, which carried water all the way down from El Paso County and then dumped it into the Arkansas River.
       I vividly remember walking toward that bridge after the thunder and lightning ebbed, and guess what? I watched THREE small houses go UNDER the bridge, swept from their foundations by that flood.
       That was my first lesson about Colorado weather.

       Dave Hughes

(Posted 3/22/16; Opinion: Letters)

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