Wal-Mart night traffic OK despite pipeline project

       Work is reportedly continuing on schedule in the pipeline project off Eighth Street beneath Abbott Lane and Rio Grande Street, according to Colorado Springs Utilities Project Manager Darlene Garcia.
       Jared Nessler, project manager for High Country Pipeline, a Utilities subcontractor which is laying the pipe under Eighth Street, told the Westside Pioneer his crews have encountered no unforeseen obstacles.
       Rio Grande between Moreno and Eighth was closed for the work Feb. 26. When complete, the line will be 8,200 feet long, pumping non- potable, treated water from the city sewage plant to Bear Creek Park for watering purposes.
       The schedule calls for completion by the end of March.
       Garcia had been concerned about night vehicle access to Wal-Mart, whose main entrance on Abbott is being closed each night at 9 but Nessler said traffic has generally been light.
       His crews work each night to about 6 a.m., covering the hole afterward to allow traffic to drive on Abbott in the daytime.
       Garcia says southbound Eighth Street drivers can access Wal-Mart at night by turning into the private drive by the Sonic at Moreno Avenue, then swinging behind Texas Roadhouse and across Abbott into the parking lot.

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