New city sewer policy seen as good for Westside

       Colorado Springs City Council, meeting as the city’s Utility Board, agreed March 17 to a new sewage back-up policy that protects customers who have had recent work done on their service lines.
       The policy means that Utilities will pay customers’ claims if a sewage back-up occurs, provided they can show their lines were cleaned or replaced by a professional company less than two years beforehand.
       The decision stemmed from a January back-up that led to more than $15,000 in clean-up costs for five homeowners in the 2100 block of West Bijou Street. Council has previously indicated the city will cover those costs retroactively.
        The new policy is expected to cost the city $80,000 a year (about half what was previously projected), according to an estimate by a Utilities official at the meeting.
       Councilman Jerry Heimlicher, whose district includes the Westside, said the new policy will be especially beneficial to residents in older parts of town that are susceptible to back-ups.

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